The Indian version of Shark Tank is the new kid on the block. The show has definitely brought in a new sense of excitement in terms of reality TV. Seeing the fresh and innovative ideas that are pitched on the show is super interesting!

But a lot of ideas don’t make the cut. There are ones that are either unrelatable or just don’t make a lot of sense. This has been the case with Shark Tank US too, on many occasions. So, here are 10 of the worst ideas pitched on Shark Tank US. Take a look.

1. Ionic Ear

Darrin Johnson’s Iconic Ear was a Bluetooth headset that had to be surgically implanted under the ear, and the only way to charge the device was to plug it in to a Q-tip sized cylindrical charger every night! Yep, in to your body. Johnson pitched the device for $1 million investment for a 15% stake. 

2. Track Days

James Lavitola And Brian Pitt pitched a movie named Track Days to the jury panel for their business idea. They asked for an investment of $5 million for a 34% profit for this venture of theirs. The only problem? They hadn’t even decided on the actors or finalized a script for it. 


3. Cougar Energy

Cougar Energy was an energy drink made specifically for middle aged women dating younger men. Ryan Custer, the owner of Cougar Energy, asked the sharks for an investment worth $1.5 million for a 30% stake in his company. The judges were obviously not convinced, and so Custer had to leave to show without a deal. 


4. The Sullivan Generator

Inventor and owner, Mark Sullivan came up with a generator that he claimed could create electricity by harnessing the spin of the earth while also pushing out a highly valuable by-product. The said by-product? Gold! Sullivan only had a conceptual drawing to convince the judges to give him $1 million for a 10% share of his business. They declined, and Mark left empty handed. 


5. Squirrel Boss

Trigger warning for this idea. Michael Desanti proposed a product that would keep squirrels away from bird feeders by, wait for it, shocking them. Obviously the sharks didn’t support animal cruelty in any way and so they said no to it. Desanti had asked for an investment worth $1.3 million for a 40% stake, just BTW.

6. Sticky Note Holder

Mary Ellen Simonsen pitched an invention that could attach to the laptop, hold sticky notes and then fold inside when you close the laptop. But the idea made very little sense, because we’re living in a time of digital sticky notes. Simonsen had asked the sharks for an investment of $1 million in exchange for a 20% stake.

7. Throx

The most entertaining one yet. Throx was pitched and created by Edwin Heaven. It was an idea to sell socks in a set of three, rather than two. The reason being, if you’d lose a sock, it could easily be replaced. Heaven had asked the judges for an investment of $50,000 in exchange of 25%. 


8. Original Man Candle

The Original Man Candle was a candle which would make your house smell like a ‘man’s house.’ So the fragrances varied from beer, golf course, football and even farts! Johnson Bailey had requested the sharks for $50,000 for a 25% stake of this venture. 

9. Wake ‘N Bacon

Matty Sallin’s Wake ‘N Bacon was an alarm clock that would start cooking bacon at the time set to wake you up. He had requested the judges for $40,000 for 20% equity in his company. 


10. The Skinny Mirror 

Belinda Jasmine pitched a mirror that made people appear 5-10 pounds slimmer. The product was not patented when she presented the idea and the judges had to question how it would impact people’s mentality. Belinda had asked the sharks for $200k for 20% of her business. 

We’re low-key glad that these didn’t get approved.