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Sex is hot and we all like to hear sweet compliments when naked. But what’s not are the dumbest things said in bed that instantly turn you off. Redditors have listed down the worst things people have said to them in bed and boy they’re embarrassing.

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1.” Boyfriend at the time, shortly after a discussion where he decided we were going to terminate my pregnancy and I was VERY much struggling with that choice being the right one for my life (and he knew it): At least I can fill you up all the time till then. You’ve got a couple of weeks right?”


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2. “Just lost my hair due to health concerns, was pretty embarrassed about it. Was giving a guy head and he looks down and goes “can you stop? You look like a man from this angle” Oof.”


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3. “As I was fucking her and she was moaning and then decided to whisper in my ear “you are so much better than ******” which was one of my best friends. I had no idea my friend and her hooked up. I pretended not to hear her, finished the job, and then proceeded to never talk to her again.”


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4.” Does “I hope you die in your sleep, the world would be way better without you in it.” Count? Every night for 3 years when going to sleep my abuser would tell that without missing a night.”


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5. “My partner and I were getting hot and heavy. We’re really getting in the mood. Then suddenly he leans in and whispers “Hi. I’m calling about your car’s extended warranty.” Instant mood killer but we were laughing like idiots for a good couple minutes.”


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6. “When I was eight months pregnant with our second child, my then-husband (now ex-husband) told me the reason why we weren’t having sex very much anymore was that he no longer found me sexually attractive. He told me this while we were having sex.”


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7. “The worst thing I’ve heard is something that I believe was meant to be sweet, but the words must have gotten jumbled somewhere along the way. The guy I was with leaned back to look at me and said, “you’re so fucking hot,” to which I replied, “no u.” He then looked at me earnestly and said, “I know, but I hear it all the time and I feel like you don’t hear it enough.”


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8.” This was in 2004. Not in bed but in the front room on the sofa. A new girlfriend was giving me a handjob for the first time. During the process, she noticed a photo of my mum riding a horse. She asked, cock in hand, Is that your mum? ” Ruined the moment.”


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9.” Before hooking up with a girl and while we were hanging out in bed, she started telling me about her ex. She said it took months for the sex between them to be any good. So I’m thinking, sweet if this last guy took months and months to get good he set the bar pretty low, I’ll be fine. She continues with “yea he was soo big it took that long for my body to adjust!” – pretty quick confidence killer.”


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10.” An ex-girlfriend called me up about 10 years ago. She just get back to the city I live in, and she wanted to see me. We met at her place, and we ended up in her bedroom. Once we finished, she told me that while she was away she hooked up with her ex and she is expecting his child. That was the last time I saw her.”


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11.” Going to sleep after a long day at work, my first and obviously ex-wife (we were in the late 20s) told me she had been having an affair with a 65+-year-old millionaire for over a year and didn’t love me anymore. I guess I was clueless, but yeah, fun night. Bonus, we had just bought a huge historic house about 6 months before that revelation.”


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12. “Wife at the time, ex-wife now, had cheated on me, we separated, got back together, whatever. We were back together about six, maybe seven months had just finished having the sex, lying in bed, and out of the blue, she decides to tell me about all the nasty shit she’d done while fucking about. “I let XXXX fuck my ass. I have never cum that hard in my life” “So and so throat fucked me until I nearly passed out. It was so hot”. “I got fucked by three different guys in the same day.” She thought it would turn me on. It didn’t.”


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13.” Two things. One (After I lost about 80 lbs) “You could probably lose a bit more” while we were lying in bed and we were cuddling. And the other one was when we were also in bed “Wouldn’t be a problem, your penis isn’t that big anyway.”


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14. “You can use one of my boyfriend’s condoms. They’re in the drawer but they’re probably too big.”


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15. “My very first time doing anything with anyone ever. I was very sheltered and was only taught abstinence, so I didn’t really understand the importance of condoms because I was on bc. he didn’t even mention using one. He pulled out but when we were done he said “so what do you wanna name our kid in nine months?” I cried.”


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