If you're a 'young, dumb, and broke' millennial just like me, you'd often think that money might be the hassle-free commodity that puts all your problems to rest.  

Turns out, that might not always be the case. 

Sushil Kumar who once won an amount of Rs 5 Crore in the fourth season of Kaun Banega Crorepati revealed that his life has been more complicated and challenging after winning the quiz show. 

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In an honest and candid Facebook post, Sushil Kumar who remains to be one of the biggest prize winners in the history of the show termed the era after winning KBC as the "worst time" of his life. 

From opening up about his addiction to alcohol and cigarettes to making bad investments, being duped, and eventually ruining his relationships, Sushil Kumar explained how it all went downhill. 

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Right after winning the show, he was a local celebrity and was asked to appear for functions and events in Bihar for almost 15 days in a month. Unable to juggle his newfound fame with his simplistic life, he had to put his education in the back seat. 

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That's not all, succumbing to interviewers and journalists always asking him for updates on his life, he felt pressurized into making a few business investments so that he would have something new to tell the media. However, most of those ventures didn't succeed, and he lost his hard-earned money.

The worst time of my life was after I won KBC. From 2015 to 2016, it was the most difficult time of my life and I could not figure out what to do.
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Sushil almost got divorced during this time and decided to go to Mumbai to become a filmmaker. However he was pushed into scripting for soap operas. He further reveals: 

Staying in all day and reading about things made me take an unbiased look at myself and I realised that I didn’t come to Mumbai to become a filmmaker but to run away from my own self. The true happiness is in doing what your heart wants to do. You can never calm down you ego. It’s a thousand times better to be a good human than a famous one. 
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However riding the wave of struggles, Sushi took a minute to think about the miracles that hard work could create. So, he decided to put his life back on track, detox and pledge to sobriety and returned home to become a teacher,

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Sushil's heartfelt post showcasing the brutal reality and struggles that come along with having a bigger bank balance is an eye-opener and a caution for every middle-class person who dares to dream big.