Movie maniacs would agree that we all have different parameters for judging a movie. For some, it’s the script and the screenplay, for others it’s the cast and publicity that draw them to the theatres. 

Bollywood filmmakers have figured out the taste of the latter lot, hence they pay more attention to the glossy cast and whistle-worthy dialogues which ultimately works for them.

Below is the list of films with shoddy narratives that grossed big bucks at the box office.

1. Sooryavanshi
Box office earning: 294.91 Cr

The 3rd addition to Rohit Shetty’s cop universe Sooryavanshi wasn’t as whistle-worthy as Singham or Simmba. Akshay Kumar’s attempt to infuse patriotism and educate who is a better Muslim received a slew of harsh reactions. Despite this, Sooryavanshi grossed ₹294.91 crores on a budget of ₹160 crores, proving that mediocrity sells.


2. Housefull 4
Box office earning: ₹280.27 Cr

The success of Housefull 4 shows how we buy into a narrative of haphazard running, jokes that do not land, and sexual harassment being used as a comedy. This film, which was created on a budget of ₹75 crores but was devoid of sense and decency, earned ₹280.27 crores.

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3. Baar Baar Dekho
Box office earning: ₹53 Cr 

At one point in life, Baar Baar Dekho’s album was the sole ruler of our playlists. Perhaps, the heartfelt music salvaged this drowning film. The film starring Siddhartha Mishra and Katrina Kaif, which was shot on a budget of ₹53 crores, grossed ₹62 crores.

4. Judwaa 2 
Box office earning: ₹227.59 Cr

The sequel to Salman Khan’s Judwaa, Judwaa 2 starring Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu, and Jacqueline Fernandes was a typical comedy that Varun Dhawan fans crave. Made on a budget of ₹65 crores, it earned a whopping ₹227.59 crores.


5. Happy New Year
Box office earning: ₹408 Cr

Honestly, the star-studded cast of Shah Rukh Khan’s rom-com had everyone thrilled perhaps that’s why the film that would leave a sane person brain-fucked generated big bucks at the box office. Made on a budget of ₹100 crores, Happy New Year collected ₹408 crores.


6. Dhoom 3 
Box office earning: ₹500 Cr

Dhoom 3, starring Aamir Khan, fell short of expectations. The well-received songs couldn’t make up for the shoddy narrative and action sequences. Yet, believe it or not, Dhoom 3 became the first Indian film to gross ₹500 crores on a budget of ₹175 crores.


7. Tiger Zinda Hai 
Box office earning: ₹569 Cr

Tiger, an Indian spy, teams up with Zoya, a Pakistani agent, to take on a merciless militant. The second half is rushed and at times tedious, particularly the pre-climax action sequence. On a budget of ₹75 crores, even Karina’s stone-faced emotions managed to generate a stunning ₹569 crores. 

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8. Humshakals
Box office earning: ₹105.28 Cr

In the name of comedy drama, Sajid Khan delivered a catastrophe. The actors playing a triple roles are by far the worst characters Bollywood has ever given us. Disgusting humour and hideous overacting ‘entertained’ the crowd, resulting in a gross of ₹105.28 crores on a budget of ₹64 crores.


9. Dishoom
Box office earning: ₹119 Cr

Rohit Dhawan’s film was high on flair but had very little substance. This script was riddled with clichés and the script was poor. Despite this, Dishoom made ₹119 crores on a budget of ₹42 crores.


I’m sure, you have all watched all of them. This proves why they ruled the box office.