From Gopi Bahu Mashup to Kya Karun, Yashraj Mukhate is single-handedly responsible for giving us some of the most viral memes of the year. 

And now the singer-composer is back with a whole new tune that will have you laughing and then crying because it will simply not get out of your head!

Titled Tommy, the new track employs Shehnaz Gill’s dialogues from Bigg Boss, and we sense a new viral meme in the making. 

After all, it earned 1 million views on Instagram in just 4 hours! 

Of course, for fans of Yashraj, Shehnaz, and Bigg Boss, this might just appear to be triple the fun, or at least that’s what it seems like from the comments on social media – with Shehnaaz herself enjoying the tune: 

You can listen to the track here: 

And let’s face it, “tuada kutta tommy, saada kutta kutta” is the most epic burn ever!