You love Shah Rukh Khan. You hate Shah Rukh Khan. But you simply don't copy Shah Rukh Khan.

Agreed, SRK has inspired a whole generation of audiences and budding actors and hence, all of us have a little bit of Rahul and Raj inside us. But then again, copying something as sacred and personal as this:

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... Is just not done!

In fact, such is his mastery over the pose that he can do it anywhere under the sun.

At home.

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In sarson ka khet .

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In a stadium.

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On a bridge.

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On a boat.

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In a desert storm.

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Near a river.

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Outside a wedding.

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And being the gentleman that he is, SRK always happily offers to teach whoever wants to learn the epic pose from him.

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However, even after relentless effort and several yoga classes, your arm muscles just won't align themselves in a way which resemble SRK's version. Do you know why?

*Bursts Bubble*

Here are some people who tried to pull off an SRK and failed. Quite obviously.

Feeling stiff, Ironman?

Mission just got impossible!

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Being Shah Rukh?

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Oh for Christ's sake!

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No. Don't even try.

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Cute but not correct.

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Try a doosra pose, Bhajji.

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Romantic nights with Kapil? Erm.

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Here to fulfill Shah Rukh Khan's destiny? Not quite!

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Let's rub some SRK charm on the NRIs.

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NRIs, don't listen to him.

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I retired. Does anyone give a fuck?

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I did not. Yet nobody gives a fuck.

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The pose just hit its lowest.

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And you know it's just not worth it when even Mahadev embarrasses himself at it.

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Fuck this shit. I'd rather chop my arm off.

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But hey, there is actually someone who's taking baby steps towards getting the pose right! Want to guess?

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Wish your dad a rocking B'day, li'l SRK!