Keanu Reeves is undoubtedly one of the most loved people in the whole universe. Yes, he is. Period.

And, you might end up falling in love with him even more after watching this video of him as a correspondent. 

This might sound crazy, but CBC posted an old-school video of Keanu Reeves reporting on teddy bears from the time that he was working with them, for their news magazine Going Great. And, it’s awesome!

This video was shot in 1984 when Keanu covered the first Canadian International Teddy Bear Convention. Who would have known!

Wondering, what he was doing at the convention for teddy bears? Well, he walked around, met a few people and asked them the most important questions like why are all the bears’ first names Teddy? (What a great question. That’s a thought to ponder upon.)

Throughout the entire video Keanu kept us all entertained with his shenanigans, his (not so) important questions and his goofiness. Must say, even then he was quite an entertainer. He was just 20 years old when he started reporting for CBC.

Even his fans were delighted to see him in his young avatar

Though, Going Great, the show didn’t have much of a viewership so, unfortunately it ended after 39 episodes. After that, Keanu went on to work in a number of feature films for television and cinema releases like the evergreen cult classic, The Matrix.

Be it as a correspondent or as an actor, there’s nothing he hasn’t been able to ace. Keanu, you’re breathtaking!