Karl Rock, the YouTuber who moved to India a few years ago from New Zealand, has gotten famous for his videos in both Hindi and English. 

The man who was praised by Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal for donating plasma twice, at a Delhi government plasma bank during the first Covid wave, is having trouble returning to the country. 

Karl Rock alleged that the Indian government has blocked his entry into the country and added his name to the blacklist. Thus, separating him from his wife in New Delhi, whom he married in 2019. 

In his blog post, Karl stated that he has no idea why he has been blacklisted. 

I left India to go travel to Dubai and Pakistan in October 2020, and upon leaving, they cancelled my visa at the airport. They wouldn’t tell me why. So in Dubai, I applied for a new visa. They called me in for a meeting and told me I had been blacklisted and therefore they couldn’t issue me a visa to go home.

Obviously, he has done his part in trying to understand what went wrong.

During this time we’ve written to the Home Ministry multiple times, Manisha tried to speak with them at their office in Delhi, we’ve written to the High Commissioner of India in New Zealand. But His Excellency ignored me, even when I turned up to his office with my wife’s Covid positive report.

He clearly stated that his wife and him do not want to leave India.

Now you might be thinking, well, you have a New Zealand and European passport so you guys can go live there. But the thing is, Manisha and my family have no desire to leave India. Why would we? We love India.

Karl has requested his followers to sign a petition to help him return to India. 

Read his complete blog post here