In association with PERNOD RICARD INDIA

If there’s anything that the last few years have taught us, it is that we’re running out of our resources. Our lifestyles have evolved to an extent that living a 100% sustainable life is way harder than one can imagine. Although, there has been a massive shift towards adopting green living or eco-friendly lifestyles, in the country. We’ve had some amazing local homegrown businesses skyrocket in the last couple of years and that has exponentially helped us in social and environmental sustainability. With this, more advocates of the climate have come to the frontfoot to educate people about it. However, we have come across a bunch of different opinions that our millennials have on sustainability, minimalism, overconsumption, plastic usage. So let’s see what our millennials have to say about it.

It’s safe to conclude that there is in fact no objectivity when it comes to the internet. We will forever be divided on opinions and our subjective perspectives. So here is what we think – as much as individual responsibility is important, it can only do so much. We need big corporations to walk in and take magnanimous steps towards saving the climate. One such example would be Pernod Ricard India’s industry-first initiative – #OneForOurPlanet, that encourages consumers to make eco-conscious purchase decisions by removing permanent mono-cartons from their packaging by June 2023. This is estimated to prevent carbon emissions of 7,310 tonnes every year, save 2.5 lakh trees, and reduce waste-to-landfill by 18,745 tonnes. And just like that, we need more and more industries to partake in such sustainable missions, in these times of climate crisis.

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