Sorting a travel wardrobe is no less than a fear factor task. There’s always a dearth of enough space. Besides, one is most likely to forget the most critical things, like the driving license or power backup. And don’t get me started on makeup! We all try to squeeze in so many products in the already overstuffed pouch that they are in debris much before the plane lands.

Hence, to make your life easier and makeup organized, we have curated a list of the best makeup travel bags available on Amazon. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss these!

1. Seagull Flight Of Fashion Cosmetic Bag – ₹979

Portable and convenient, this cosmetic bag from Seagull makes a perfect fit for all your travel makeup requirements. It has sufficient space and compartments for storing and organizing your brushes, lip and eye tints, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and whatnot. It’s suitable for both professional as well as self-make-up artists. Besides, the bag is available in really dreamy colours and designs.

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2. Aiznic Makeup Travel Organizer – ₹449

Available in five different designs, this makeup bag from Aiznik is elegant and affordable. The bag has two layers; the upper one is transparent and waterproof. It also has two compartments that allow ample space for products and toiletries like mascara, tampons, lip & cheek tints, and more. Overall, this cosmetic bag is durable, easy to maintain, and stylish.

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3. FineMoe Makeup Bag: 3 Piece Set – ₹799

Now, I understand if you seek a different bag for different kinds of makeup products. Well! Finemoe has a really dapper deal with a 3 piece makeup bag set to meet all your travel requirements. It includes one large bag and two small ones. They are available in marble black and white designs. Durable and waterproof, they are made of leather with polyester lining.

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4. Women Make Up Travel Organizer Toiletry Kit Bag Pouch – ₹359

Available in six exceedingly pretty designs, this portable makeup travel bag is spacious and affordable. It has various compartments that can easily accommodate your beauty brushes, products, tints, and toiletries. Additionally, it is made of premium oxford cloth, making the bag durable and waterproof. Besides, who does not want a bag as adorable and affordable as this?

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5. House of Quirk Hanging Travel Toiletry Make-up Bag – ₹499

With its ultra-soft fabric and water-resistant durability, this cosmetic bag can really become your best travel buddy. It has multiple-storage compartments for you to assort your products and toiletries basis your convenience. Moreover, it has a built-in hook that allows you to hang the bag, making the make-up application hassle-free. Besides, doesn’t it make a perfect gift for ultimate makeup lovers? It’s available in seven pretty designs.

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6. Stripes Wink Design Cosmetic Bag – ₹350

Now, if your luggage is already overloaded and you do not have enough space to accommodate a full-fledged cosmetic bag, you can go for this elegant pouch by Stripes. This multipurpose bag measures 15 cm in height, 23 cm in length, and 7 cm in width. It’s portable and highly convenient to store your cosmetic products, toiletries, or accessories. Besides, it’s just too pretty! Right?

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7. Petrice Multifunctional Travel Bag Extra Large Makeup Organiser – ₹389

Made of premium quality fabric, this spacious makeup bag by Petrice is highly durable and waterproof. It has enough space to accommodate your toiletries like toothbrushes, paste, soaps, combs, shaving kits, and small to mid-sized accessories. It has multiple compartments for you to assort your cosmetic products, basis your convenience. Moreover, it can even be hung on a hook on the wall. This just makes life easier. Doesn’t it?

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8. Fastunbox Travel Cosmetic Makeup Case – ₹299

Multi-coloured and elegant, this case by Fastunbox will help you keep your products organized. It has a flip-top. The case has ample space for you to store your makeup and toiletries. Additionally, it’s water resistant. So it’s gonna be a perfect travel pal when you take all those much-needed vacations for respite.

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I hope packing for the next trip doesn’t make you as panicky as it does now. But truth be told, we will always have something extra to pack. It’s just how life is. But these cosmetic bags surely do make life much easier. Happy purchasing!

Oh! and Bon Voyage.

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