It’s high time you and I take ‘This Diwali, don’t burn a pataka, rather be one’ seriously. As we reach to the zenith of the festive season, we’ve compiled a list of fashionistas you can draw some LIT Diwali inspiration from!

1. Haven’t settled your Diwali attire yet? Don’t fret, Komal Pandey has presented to you with not one, but six options!

2. Mumbaikars, if you think your over-the-top Diwali outfits are too loud to wear on the streets then Rajvee Gandhi will change your mind!

3. Is it even Diwali if your outfits don’t include a wide spectrum of colours? Here’s where you can get aesthetic inspo from:

4. Handcrafted embroidery in trendy colours will give you a culturally vibrant look this diwali!

5. Fanciful floral prints never go out of vogue, so why not incorporate them in your Diwali outfit this year?

6. Ethnicity is the crux of every festive outfit, make sure you get it right!

7. 90s kids, it’s time to resurrect that era’s style and incorporate it in your Diwali outfit. Just like this:

8. It’s the season to be trendy but don’t let comfort go for a toss. Don your light, vogue-ish attire and slay this Diwali!

9. Who’s a better fashionista than your mom? Consider doing a mini collab with her in the forthcoming Diwali party!

10. The Diwali evenings are so stunning that you can’t help but feel to match with the surroundings’ beauty. This one really appeals to me.

11. A crimson red can never let you down, don your favourite saree and stay ‘lit’ this Diwali.

12. You shine brighter when you’re in sync with your partner’s fashion sense. Draw some inspo from here:

13. Remember the lehenga you wishlisted online but was too garish to don? Time to move it in your cart this Diwali!

14. Just Sid casually setting high standards for desi boys this Diwali (perhaps you can steal a look or two from him!)

15. Before you borrow Diwali outfit inspo from Manav Chhabra, perhaps help him pick one for himself?

16. Someone: How would you redefine vintage-era grace? 
Me: Like this. 

17. You may create a dazzling ensemble by pairing your attire with beautiful pieces of jewellery. This Diwali, make a statement in red!

18. Get you stunning look on point with a beautifully crafted yellow ensemble!

19. Take some fashion inspiration from here because sometimes Indo-western fusion is all you need!

20. This is what we call a visual depiction of ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. 

So what are you gonna don this Diwali?