In association with Skechers

Nothing can inspire you to wake up early, lace up, and attempt a 15K more than your brand new pair of colourful sneakers. Howbeit, you won’t get too far when these snazzy trainers leave your toes blistered and heels aching. Yikes!

Here’s looking at y’all shoe lovers! No kidding, finding footwear that can provide proper support can be very aggravating. If only there was a shoe that checked all the boxes — something that’s supportive, possibly with removable insoles, has a snug fit but not-too-tight, and is pretty. The new Arch Fit collection from Skechers is all that and more!

Finding the best shoes to meet your needs can get pretty confusing. One needs to keep in mind their style, comfort and foot concerns along with the activities that they generally take part in. Skechers’ Arch Fit shoes make you feel comfortable from the get-go. Almost as if it were an extension of your feet. What else does one need?

The shoes are lightweight, and provide added support to the sole, making any kind of outdoor activity feel effortless and comfortable. But the best thing about this collection is that every shoe features a podiatrist-certified Arch Fit insole that was developed based on 20 years worth of data and 12,000-foot scans. And did we tell you how perky looking the collection is? 

Before buying any footwear, it is important to consider factors such as lifestyle, gait cycle, and heel elevation (for proper pressure distribution). Skechers took all this into consideration and designed a wide variety of trendy and comfortable shoes with utmost care and precision to provide relief from all your footwear woes.

You can check out and shop the latest Arch Fit collection here or visit your nearest Skechers retail store. Well, we are on our way out to do some shoe shopping. Care to join us?