Thinking about getting your first tattoo? Of course, you are. That’s why you clicked. Or maybe you just got inked and you wanted to see if you got everything right or if I got anything wrong. Either way, you here, so scroll away. 

1. Do a lot of background research on the tattoo shop and the artist. 

Follow their Instagram pages, read reviews about everything, and maybe try and talk to someone who’s gotten tattoed there before. Take your time with this process. Do your research before you decide and only when you are entirely sure, go get it done. 


2. Do your homework on your design. 

It’s a little easier if you want something written but things just aren’t the same with designs, Do your research, weeks of it, months even, until you are very sure of it. You might like something today that you might not want in a week. Tattoos are for life. 


3. Make sure you are okay with the final sketch the tattoo artist is going with. 

The last sketch that they use is essentially how the tattoo is going to look on your skin. So make sure you check every little thing about it. 


4. Read up on what to do after you get inked. 

The tattoo takes about 2 weeks to heal. During that time it will get really itchy. Do not even think about it. Use your tattoo wax judiciously. And you cannot wet the area. So no swimming or running about in the sun. And there’s a bit more to it that you should really Google or better yet, ask someone who you trust who’s also gotten a tattoo or more. 


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5. Know that tattoo prices are dependent on the size and design of the tattoo. 

If you are a tattoo virgin, everyone will know and try to get more money out of you. So, really ask for an estimate before you barge into their shops. The actual price might differ a bit but at least you know the wheelhouse it will be in. That said…


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6. Do not go over bargaining either. 

Tattoos are for life. Removing them is more expensive than getting them. So don’t get a tattoo just about anywhere because it’s cheap. 


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7. Make sure the tattoo parlour is spotless. 

Tattoos are essentially someone poking a thousand holes in you and filling them with ink. You’ll bleed as well. So if the parlour isn’t clean, you never know what infection you could catch. Also, make sure that they use new needles and the equipments are sterilised. 


8. If the artist or the parlour makes you uncomfortable, just leave. 

Nothing is more important than your safety. You’re literally trusting your body with the artist, so if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Just leave. 

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9. Bigger tattoos can take more than one session to complete. 

Bigger and more complicated tattoos will take longer to complete. You can’t just lay off work for two weeks after both of your hands are completely inked. Think about what you want and make it work according to your routine. 


10. Know that tattoos need touching up every once in a while. 

It’s simple. Ink fades. So it is wise to get them touched up. Any tattoo artist can do it but it’s always better if you can go back to your original artist, the one who made it. 


11. The pain entirely depends on where you get the tattoo. 

Everybody has a different tolerance level for pain but tattoos etched over bones will ache the most. A tattoo on your bicep might not hurt as much as one on your finger. 


12. Also, they might shave you first. 

No, not like a barber, you cheeky bastard. Just the area they will be tattooing, like a doctor would do before surgery. 


And it’s okay if the tattoo still somehow gets botched. It happens. It’s not the end of the world. You can always get it covered up.