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We’d be lying if we said crypto has not created quite a stir over the past decade, completely transforming the way we invest. 

Crypto refers to virtual currencies that are secured by cryptography. Essentially what it means is that one cannot counterfeit, or double spend it. The digital currency is decentralized, where the records of ownership are stored in a network of computers in a ledger, called blockchain technology. Some of the most popular cryptos are Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Tether (USDT) amongst hundreds of others. 

Investing in crypto provides one with a high degree of anonymity where people are put to rest without the stress of any third party interference. Despite crypto being ever so volatile in nature with coin values swinging to both ends of the pendulum, it’s certain that it is here to stay. And here are 5 reasons why they’re worth the hype. 

1. The return value. 

Cryptos are one of the most profitable investment options. Compared to stocks, whose highest return average is around 20% in the US, returns from cryptos can go well above 100%. And despite being a high-risk investment since huge profits are never a sure-bet, many people are still willing to risk big for massive gains!

2. The security. 

What sets cryptos apart is the technology behind them. Cryptos work using a technology called blockchain, which is a decentralized technology spread across several computers that can manage and record transactions. The best bit, and what piques people’s interest is the security of this technology where you are directly involved with your assets. 

3. High volatility. 

As mentioned above, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. While this sounds a bit negative, experienced investors do tend to have a workaround approach to this and use it to their advantage for bigger profits. In the world of trading, strategy is what matters most, doesn’t it?

4. Free from government interference. 

The other benefit of cryptos is that they are not regulated by governments as national currencies are. As anyone would guess, this independence has prompted more and more people to invest in crypto for a good reason. It gives everyone a chance to invest. In addition to user anonymity, cryptocurrencies can easily be converted from a wide range of different currencies. Moving funds overseas becomes easier and safer when using crypto, which makes it a great alternative to other currencies.

5. Several safe platforms. 

In order for something in the world of finance to stay, there has to be a network of safe and secure trading platforms where investors feel secure investing. One such platform is CoinSwitch Kuber where you can safely buy, sell, and invest in cryptos starting at Rs.100! Investing in crypto doesn’t have to be as complicated because, with the right platform, we can get the best of best returns. The platform has recently crossed 10 million users with successful investment stories that will boost anyone’s confidence when they wish to dabble in the world of crypto. You can also check out their KuberVerse section where you can get all the information you need related to crypto.