Shark Tank India with both of its seasons has been a conversation starter for entrepreneurship in Indian households. Along with investments, the brands also get a great platform for marketing. But it looks like some of the brands appearing on the show didn’t really need it, considering they already had a good following on social media.

Here are some such brands who were already creating ripples before they came to Shark Tank India.

1. Paradyes

The brand that induced a Shark fight. Paradyes appeared in Shark Tank India season 2 with a kickass pitch that got some very lucrative offers from the sharks. But they had their eyes set on two – Aman Gupta and Vineeta Singh, and they managed to get both. Blame it on my previously blue hair, but I have been seeing their ads since they launched back in 2021, so it was a delight to see the birds on the tank. They currently have 104k followers on Instagram and some really gorgeous colours that are making me wanna colour my hair again.

2. Avimee Herbals

Nana-Nani are probably the cutest couple of Instagram. When Nana ji launched the brand back in 2021, their reels were already gaining a lot of traction. The fact that they have come so far, making it a profitable business, shows the mettle of the people involved in the business. But yeah, they were pretty popular and much loved even before they appeared on Shark Tank India season 2. They make herbal haircare and skincare products, and currently have 362k followers on Instagram.

3. Zillionaire

Young kids with big dreams and so many things to achieve. Zillionaire was already making a name for itself on Instagram before they appeared on season 2 of Shark Tank India. They are targeting a very specific segment of the market with their bling jewelleries and watches, and it looks like they are getting successful in making people fall in love with their products.

4. Recode

The one thing that can describe the growth of this business is their killer marketing tactics. Recode appeared on Shark Tank India season 2 with their makeup product range but didn’t get any funding because it was a direct competition to Shark Vineeta Singh. Yeah, doesn’t make sense but that’s what happened and netizens were pretty pissed by this too.

5. Snitch

The fact that the founder could pivot so often, so quickly and so well tells you something about the strength of the man. Snitch appeared on Shark Tank India season 2, and currently have 248k followers. They make some really cool clothes for men, giving us ladies the chance to steal some trendy hoodies.

6. Urban Monkey

Urban Monkey can be called a brand that breaks the rules. They make genderless streetwares and while Sharks asked them to not go into the watch segment, well, they did. They appeared on the first season of Shark Tank India, and currently have 397k followers.

7. Menstrupedia Comics

A brand that was not just big on social media but was also doing ground breaking work throughout the country. Menstrupedia Comics are educational comic books which are breaking myths about and around taboos like menstruation, masturbation, etc. in an age-appropriate and culturally-sensitive manner. Menstrupedia Comics appeared in Shark Tank India Season 1, and currently has 96.5k followers on Instagram.

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