I don’t think it’s a secret that the food at movie theatres is extremely expensive. It makes no sense to spend above ₹300 on each food item. And just FYI a lot of the items are simply munchies and snacks, not even full meals. For many people, eating while watching a movie is all a part of the experience, and to have such expensive food accompany an experience that requires good food seems like total exploitation of the customer.

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But this hilarious Reddit post by u/baelorthebest about how they save money on snacks at the movies will probably have you thanking the internet. I mean, what else is the janta supposed to do?

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Apart from this, others have commented on the post sharing their own advice on how to save money on food while watching a movie at a multiplex. Take a look:

1. ” Just eat before going to the movie. Going to a movie is not a spontaneous thing, 99% of the time. You plan it well in advance. So just eat before going to the movie and save money.”


2. “I have saved thousands by being lazy, not having any FOMO and watching movies on streaming platforms/torrents in the comfort of my home.”


3. “I get popcorn one day before and since they (my siblings) have eaten it a day before they are not interested in eating again.”


4. “They have more hidden cheap items like chocolate bars at the MRP. Once I bought a small bar of crackle for ₹50 and also got free soda for my toddler in the disposable cup. They won’t tell you, you have to corner them politely and adamantly ask for a specific cheap item, and they will send a guy in the backroom to fetch it, this happened not long ago, I was at PVR for Jawan I guess. It all depends on the server guy, I always try to befriend the guy handling my food.”


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5. “Alright, you need to understand the basic concept, the cinema workers don’t earn from you buying food and they aren’t paid enough to give a crap. Just keep them in your pocket or bag. If you get caught, tell them you won’t litter. They’ll let you through.”


6. “One peanut sachet is for ₹10, the amount of peanuts in each packet is a scam in itself compared to what’s outside, but would rather be scammed for less than their ‘combo’ options. And all the PVRs I’ve been to have sold it to me separately, no such thing as adding it to a combo.”


7. “If you can’t afford those pricey items, get a KW Magnum. That’s the only item at PVR that they sell at the actual MRP, which is ₹99. If that is out of your budget, then starve for 2 hours (you will not die) and go to a hypermarket/food court and have a great meal.”


8. “My wife and I buy 5 packets of roasted peanuts, damn our secret is out! they’ll price it higher due to demand now.”


9. “Always book shows that begin after lunchtime or end during it, same for evening shows.”


10. “I always buy ₹100 worth of peanuts i.e 10 packets, sometimes more, depending on the group size & share it with them all. I don’t even have to stand in queue for this, the look people give me is so funny.”


11. “We catch the 10 pm show. Have dinner at home before leaving. No need to eat in the theatre.”


12. “Didn’t PVR release a ₹99 combo a couple of months back? Not sure if it is still there.”


Whatever the case, we really need more affordable options for food at multiplex cinemas.