Crypto can be a bit confusing. What are they? What are they valued at in terms of the Indian Rupee? Well, you’ll have to read our article for that crypto explainer. But I can help you with what certain popular cryptocurrencies are valued at. Oh, and please note that these valuations are subject to change. But, on a broader note, these conversions help you understand how much you would have to spend on any digital currency coin. 

1. 1 Bitcoin is valued at Rs 48,92,040. 

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2. 1 Ethereum is valued at Rs 33,38,62. 

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3. 1 Ether is about 0.75 Bitcoin. 


4. 1 Bitcoin Gold is Rs 4,743.1 as of today. 


5. 1 Aragor is Rs 333.27

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6. 1 Dogecoin is even less, worth about Rs 24.2 as of today. 


7. One Chainlink is Rs 2439.19. 

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8. 1 Cosmos is Rs 3,187 and still on the rise. 

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9. Bitcoin cash is worth about Rs 42,694. 

10. 1 Uniswap is about Rs 2022.92. 

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11. 1 Shiba Inu is 0.000000001 Bitcoin which is about Rs 0.005939. 


12. 1 Tether is Rs 80.39. 

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Look, these are very basic conversions, ones that are subject to change on a daily basis. Actually, they might change sooner than that. If you are planning on buying, you need to be a little more updated than this.

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