Whoever said, “Money doesn’t matter,” hasn’t met a fresher. It is a genuine struggle. The salary is almost always the reason for THAT struggle. Finding, applying and getting the first job is already a task, so people usually end up taking whatever they get – even if that means a lower (than expected) salary. On the other hand, there are very few realistic resources about compensation and finances. And this is a common concern in almost all sectors.

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So, we asked people from different sectors about their starting salary packages.

1. Advertising

“When I started working, I was offered a package of ₹3.5 LPA. It varies in different firms – with the CTC ranging from ₹2.75 LPA to ₹4.5 LPA. However, there are no perks associated with my role.”

– Projukta Chaterjee, Senior Account Executive

2. Public Relations

“The starting salary is ₹18-20 KPM, which sees a hike every year. There are, however, a number of perks associated with the job. We get reimbursed for phone bills and WiFi. There are also off-sites and office trips every once in a while. We also get snacks in the office.”

– Saloni Sharma, Digital Associate Consultant
Public Relations

3. Law

“The average starting salary is ₹15-20K/Month in small firms. Some big firms offer ₹25-30K/Month. There are also no provisions for travelling allowance or any compensation of sorts. However, with some experience, you can end up getting a better pay. You will need links to grow in the sector.”

– Vidhi Kohli, Registered Advocate

4. IT

“I work as a cyber-security engineer trainee, with a starting salary of ₹23 KPM. The perks include exclusive discounts on renowned tech brands, free transportation to and from the office, flexible shift timings, and a hybrid working model.”

– Maanya Manocha, Cyber-security Engineer Trainee

5. Filmmaking

“A lot of people freelance in the industry, but if you work full-time, there are small and big production houses. The starting salary is, however, similar at all places. It ranges from ₹20-25 KPM, and the perks differ from place to place. There is also significant growth once you start out.”

– Naman Issar, Assistant Director

6. Journalism

“I work as a photo journalist with a renowned media outlet. The starting salary is ₹25 KPM, and there are no perks as such. This varies in different firms.”

– Anonymous

7. Engineering

“I was offered a starting package of ₹7 LPA, which may not be the case for everyone. Companies offer different salary packages, based on experience, role and a number of other factors. It also depends on the company you’re working for.”

– Anonymous

8. Content Writing

“When I started working in 2022, full-time, my compensation was ₹15 KPM. This is significantly low and the monetary growth is slow in the field. The companies mostly don’t offer additional perks, so there’s that. But, the type of writing and the job role also affects the salary”

– Rashi, Writer

9. Sales & Marketing

“As a fresher, with no master’s degree, most firms offer a starting package of ₹3- 3.5 LPA. I started out at ₹3.2 LPA, and there are basic perks associated with the job. A master’s degree surely makes a difference, after you’ve also gained some experience.”

– Harshit Mehta, Marketing Specialist

10. Art & Design

“The starting package was of ₹6 LPA. There are basic perks like health insurance and provident fund. But there are no additional perks associated with the job.”

– Kirti Barguzar, Senior Art Executive
Art & Design

Clearly, it’s (mostly) a struggle everywhere.

Please note that these are personal experiences, and not definite numbers. The numbers vary in different firms – depending on the job role, and a number of other factors.