As the majority of us sulked about being single yesterday, some, among us, who’re in relationships actually celebrated Valentine’s Day. You know, with gifts and love. And thanks to instant deliveries having become a thing, people ordered loads of what you may consider ‘lovey-dovey’ products for their partners. In fact, Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa has some VERRY INTERESTING insights to share.

Valentine's Day

Dhindsa took to ‘X’ and shared insights from Valentine’s Day purchases, and here are some stats you might wanna know –

1. Things were WILD for V-Day. And an unlikely demand for ‘handcuffs’ sure does prove that

2. When we say wild, we really mean it. People were seeking ‘personal massagers’…

If you know, you KNOWWW

3. Condom sales increased by FOUR times as compared to any other regular Wednesday

4. It may not surprise you to know but people were also HELL romantic on V-Day

5. There was a hike in beauty products as well

6. It was a heavily gift-driven day

7. Somebody even wanted to be a delivery partner for their girlfriend

Things you do for love.

How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day? If you’re single – NOTHING PERSONAL.