We know that you have been dreaming about cheesy pizzas, chaat, samosas and other droolworthy yummies. The fact is you can’t get it right now and we feel you. 

However, there’s always something you can do. In this case, it’s time to put on the chef’s hats and take matters into your own hands. 
Presenting easy recipes for those yummy-licious, lip-smacking foods that you’re missing the most:

1. Aloo tikki chaat

No street food is as yummy and spicy, and at the same time, easy to make as aloo tikki chaat. So, here’s the easy recipe to satiate those chaat cravings.

2. Momos

Momos have a special place in our hearts. Be it a fancy restaurant or a street vendor, we love to gorge on momos. Preparing momos at home is not as hard as it may sound. Find the recipe here.

3. Pizza

Are you someone who could eat a whole pizza even after a full meal? Here’s how you can make pizza in your kitchen. 

4. Pasta

There are a lot of pasta recipes, but your lazy ass can easily prepare this one. Introducing ‘Pasta with Tangy Tomato Sauce’ recipe.


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5. Chole bhature

Remember the taste of crispy and piping hot bhatura served with tasty chole? Why miss it, when you can make it at home. Click here for the recipe, wrap an apron and head over to the kitchen.  

6. Pav bhaaji

Spicy and flavorful pav bhaaji is the true love of all the foodies out there. If you have been missing it, here is the recipe. 

7. Paapdi chaat

It may have origins in the streets of old Delhi, but people drool over paapdi chaat all over India. Crispy paapdi in curd, sweet-sour chutney, topped with different spices! Munh mein paani aaya? Here’s the recipe to prepare paapdi chaat at home. 

8. Jhalmuri

Here is a snack that is simple to prepare and great in taste. We give you ‘jhalmuri’ straight from the streets of Kolkata. A perfect blend of spices and puffed rice that will guarantee a foodgasm. Find the recipe here.

9. Samosa

How can we forget the king of street food! East ho ya west, samosa is the best. Period. Click here and try making samosas at home. 

10. Vegetable pakoda

Who can forget hot and crispy, deep-fried besan pakodas filled with fresh veggies. Read the recipe here and make them at home.

11. Vada pav

Originated from the humble streets of Mumbai, the tasty and delicious vada pav has been our go to snack. It’s pretty easy to prepare at home. Click here for the recipe. 

Now wasn’t that delicious!