When it comes down to food, nothing is universal. While some people love savouring pineapple pizza, others mentally puke when they even think about it.

Bangalore, known for its scrumptious cuisines, also serves some unconventional food items. In a thread, the people from the popular city reveal their most unpopular food opinions and trust us, some of these would shock you. Read on.

Big Seven Travel

1. “When I go to the Corner House, I love getting just vanilla or vanilla chocolate chip. I feel the chocolate sauce is too overpowering.”

– QueefingPigeon

2. “I know I’ll get downvoted but idli really tastes better with a spicy sambar vs sweet sambar.”

– LittleFish9876

3. “Hot chips are heavily underrated.”

– bharg3591

4. “Well, Vidyarthi Bhavan is not like it used to be. It’s overrated.”

– nithin_kamath8

5. “Shredded cucumber and carrots shouldn’t be in sev and masala puri.”

– pyatii

6. “Donne Biriyani is not actually Biriyani. Neither is Hoskote Biriyani.”

– SpecialistReward1775

7. “Bangalore doesn’t have a street food culture.”

– bingekis

8. “You can’t find tasty momos in Bangalore.”

– proudofme_

9. “Street chaat food is just boiled peas drizzled with extras to make it look like whatever you ordered. Want papdi chat? Dig up one layer of papdi and it’s an inch thick layer of boiled peas. Want bhel puri? Half of it is soft pea salad only. Salivating for masala puri? Peas again in garam masala soup.”

– rht91

10. “Bitter coffee isn’t “strong” coffee. It’s just low-quality coffee. Bitterness in coffee has nothing to do with caffeine content. Bitterness is a sure indication that the coffee is over extracted or just plain shit.”

– mymyreally

11. “I absolutely love Empire, don’t even have to be drunk to love the food.”

– Exnri

12. “North-Indian sev puri is better than the hot sev puri here.”

– Radiant_Photo

Well folks, if you want to have scrumptious street food, you are always welcome to Delhi!