And just like we desis can’t stop experimenting with global dishes in India, now foreigners seem to take its revenge from South Asians. And it is certainly quite unpleasant to watch one of our favourite Mughlai dishes go through such torture.

Credits: Imgflip

So, UK has its own version of chicken korma recipe and a video of its preparation is going viral on Twitter.

The clip posted by @TastyUK shows someone adding ingredients one by one to cook ‘one pot of chicken korma’. In the video, chicken breast pieces are dropped inside the cooking utensil even before onions reach caramelised state. A few seconds later, basmati rice, which has no connection to chicken korma, are mixed with it. Then comes water followed by raisins. Of course, there is more.

Watch the video yourself ‘coz main akele hi kyun jhelun?

Indians, Pakistanis, I mean, whole desi Twitter is pissed at it:

Can we stop ruining the cuisines? And who puts rice in chicken korma? It’s not a biryani, dude.

P.S. Don’t show this video to your mom. She might not be able to digest it.