You must have tried lasagna made with noodles, cheese and sauce. However, have you tried lasagna made of papads? Well, a celebrity chef gave an unusual twist to the crispy flatbread and created something absolutely out-of-the-box.

And for obvious reasons, desi people cannot keep calm!

Saransh Goila, the founder of a well-known Mumbai-based restaurant, recently took to Instagram and shared how he tried his hands on making the scrumptious delicacy using papads.

The recipe reel went viral in less than 24 hours and has already garnered 127K views and hundreds of comments.

While some netizens seemed thrilled about this hatke recipe, others were pretty unconvinced. Here’s what they think.

You can watch the entire clip here:

Note: All images are taken from his Instagram post unless specified otherwise.

What do you think of this exotic papad lasagna? Would you try it?