Indians and their obsession with celebrities need no introduction. Come Diwali and you can spot tons of firecrackers in the local market named after celebrities. Now apart from firecrackers, desis have named food items in their menus after celebrities.

Here are nine food items off menus from across the country that are named after popular celebrities.

1. Kareena Kapoor Size-Zero Pizza
Bebo took the world by storm when she got to a size zero for Tashan. This pizza joint in Delhi went a step further and named a pizza after her. The Kareena Kapoor Size-Zero Pizza has a thin crust and is topped off with diced chicken, red chillies, baby corn, onions, and low-fat cheese.

2. Chicken Sanju Baba
It is reported that Sanjay Dutt was a regular customer at Noor Mohammadi Hotel in Mumbai before he became famous. The hotel has a special chicken curry by Sanjay Dutt’s name on its menu. It was reported that the actor shared the recipe with the owner.


3. Bobby Cake
Confectioner Milanda Jagtiani from Mumbai named one of her speciality cakes after Bobby Deol. This three-tier cake has liberal amounts of chocolate. The cake is a part of her designer menu.

4. Sonam Special
Confectioner Divya Ranglani once made a cake for Sonam Kapoor. The mango blueberry cake was made with oatmeal, fruits, and no sugar or preservatives. Since then, the cake featured on Ranglani’s menu.

5. Bholi Bhali Punjaban
Richa Chadha’s Bholi Punjaban from Fukrey was an iconic character. Now, there’s a cocktail to the character’s name. The whiskey-based cocktail is infused with litchi, mint and cranberry. It can be found at this lounge in Mumbai.

6. Deepika Padukone Paratha Thali
This restaurant in Pune has a thali named after Deepika Padukone. The thali has veg tiranga sabzi, dal makhani, rajma chole, two sweet dishes, special parathas, raita, salad, papad, achaar, and makhhan. The restaurant also serves a variety of other thalis named after celebs such as Sunny Deol and Yuvraj Singh to state a few. 

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7. Kareenamisu
Another food named after Bebo is on the list. This tiramisu from a Kalimpong home kitchen is Kareena-approved. The dish got popular after Kareena posted about it on her Instagram story. So much so, that it is now known as Kareenamisu

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8. Masaba Cake
This chocolate ganache cake layered with butterscotch chips can be found at Pooja Dhingra’s Le 15 Patisserie. The chef had customised a cake once for designer Masaba Gupta. The result was so good that it has now made its way on her list of bespoke cakes.

9. Sunny Leone Chaap
This restaurant has a variety of quirky chaap to offer. But only in this place, Sunny Leone chaap is a popular dish served across a number of restaurants in Delhi NCR.

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