Sometimes the simplest of things give you immense joy and happiness.

Like enjoying the first rain of the season.

Smelling that old book from your collection.

And eating uncooked food items.

And you’d know what I am talking about if you derive satisfaction from eating all of this.

1. Uncooked Maggi

At some point in life, we’ve all eaten maggi directly from the packet. While some of us have done this intentionally, others just popped in a few pieces while cooking.

In both cases, we’ve loved it.


2. Kachcha papad

The joy of eating kachcha papad is unparalleld. 


3. Cake batter

The only thin better than a freshly baked cake is the cake batter. Like yeah, I have really pestered my mom to bake cake so that I get to lick the batter from bowl.


4. Cookie dough

Baking cookies and not eating the dough is impossible. It has the ability to satiate your taste buds like nothing else.


5. Wai Wai

Crushing the noodles in the packet itself and then adding the tastemaker is so much fun.

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6. Milk powder

Once you start eating milk powder, there’s no going back. You really get addicted to it and that even makes you steal packets from hotel rooms.

7. Bournvita

Eating bournvita powder is like an emotional therapy and people can literally binge-eat it.

While it can be unhealthy to eat these things, they sure give us pleasure.

If you have more to add to the list, tell us in the comments below.

Please note that eating raw foods can be dangerous to health and the article doesn’t intend to promote such behaviour.