On social media someone is teaching you something most of the time. You can’t dodge those reels on basic make-up or skin care tutorial or even reels on how to make reels. 

In keeping with the trend, an etiquette coach posted a video on Instagram where she teaches her viewers how to eat Indian food at formal or social gatherings.

In a diverse nation like ours, food and how we eat it varies as per culture, region, and cuisines. 

In one of her videos demonstrated the ‘proper’ ways of eating traditional Indian dishes. She claimed one should never directly pour daal or rajma on rice. Further, she suggested that one should not mix two items while eating.   

Needless to say, netizens took to social media to react to the video and shared their thoughts on Kaur’s methods.

Here’s how they reacted:

Call it what you will, but nothing beats the joy of eating daal chawal with hands.