What if someone told you that you can now pursue a masters course in drinking, eating and living? We wouldn’t believe them. But it’s a reality for students enrolled at the Sciences Po Lille – one of the most prestigious political science schools in France.

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People are taking the lifestyle of drinking, eating, and living to a whole new level, while I sit here to write about it. Lucky chaps!

When the university first introduced the course called BMV – short for ‘boire, manger, vivre’ – students burst into laughter. However, now this offbeat program has kicked off with lecturer Benôit Lengaigne and the first batch of 15 students. 

According to the official website of Sciences Po Lille, BMV covers a wide range of topics about food, drinks and living. 


Interestingly, the course doesn’t delve into the aspects of food and lifestyle on the surface, but also includes ‘gastro-diplomacy’, food tech, and fighting sexism in the kitchen. The students are made to write essays on lifestyle, plant-based alternatives to meat, history of farming, and other topics. 

It is a master’s course that unites us around one passion: the world of gastronomy and food. Given the climate emergency, food will be at the heart of global challenges.

-Clémence Ricart (course ambassador student)

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Lengaigne, who introduced the course, believes that it’s the perfect way to “ignite 20-year-old students’ passion for changing or saving the world” through their work as professionals. 

Had someone told me about this, I would have spent all my fortune on this degree and not on Swiggy and local cafes. *Cries in broke*