2021 is coming to an end (wait, when did this happen?). As we look back at moviesseriesrelationships and celebrities from this year, how can we miss out on some out-of-the-box food experiments by some people?

They call it fusion food, I call it a food disaster. Moved by this idea, we have listed down 14 weird food combinations we need to say goodbye to.  

Try all the recipes at your own risk.

1. Ice-cream Bhajiya – You know not everything needs to be dipped in besan?

2.  Oreo Maggi – For heaven’s sake can we stop experimenting with Oreo & Maggi so much? 

3Chocolate biryani –  Isse acha toh veg biryani hi kha lete.

4. Oreo omelette – We know Oreo recipes have been constant in 2021, but can we still call it a tasteful year? NO.

5. Momo vada pav – Uniting Delhiites and Mumbaikars by ruining both of their dishes, together?

6. Butter chai – This is not butter in my chai, it’s chai in my butter!

7. Biggest Ice Gola – I couldn’t help but notice this gola has more baggage than my ex.

8. Kulhad pizza- Pizza be like, ‘leave me alone, you guys’!

9. Maggie Milkshake – Not everything needs an improvement. Certainly not something as brilliant as plain Maggi.

10. Rasugulla Chaat – Not all cocktails work – this one, certainly not.

11Oreo Pakodas – Pakodas and oreo are great when served separately, without green chilies, and with ketchup. 

12. Mango Dabeli –  Why ruin a classic?

13. Idli stick – Idli on stick is not something I am stuck on!

14. Chocolate Samosa – I bet even chocolate lovers will diss this

15. Fanta Maggie – I think my soul is crying & I’m lacking words for this. 

My curious soul just wants to know, who actually tried these items?