Imagine waking up to the notification, “Pizza topping is not pizza, so will attract a higher GST levy.” As a full-time pizza lover, I can say I’m personally offended. So, according to the new rules, pizza toppings will be classified differently and will be charged at a higher 18% GST. 

What exactly does this mean for you as a consumer? It simply means pizza is getting costlier. The real math is to be done by the pizza outlets.

In simple words – 

Now, moving to the company front, this will result in a very complex billing process as they will have to apply different tax slabs on each item. This is how different GST rates look like – 

If someone is going to apply for a job in Dominos, they will most probably have to give a Dominos Entrance Exam now 🤦🏻‍♀️

This Twitter user is asking the real question

Imagine finding this in your History book

Pehle maggi, fir pizza, ye kya baat hoti hai? 😭

Such simple, much wow

I mean, is he wrong though? 👀

…but, but, but, how can we NOT eat pizza?

Is it a pizza or is it not a pizza? That is the question

So, in simple terms, ghar ka dal chawal khao. …but wo bhi toh mehenga ho gaya hai. 😭

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