You were having a good time in the shower until you came up with a comeback that could help you win an argument 2 weeks ago. So, what’s next? You want to burry yourself in guilt ‘cos you never hated yourself more. 

The worst part about ‘that’ perfect response is that it never arrives on time. So I don’t blame you for sending screenshots of your chats to your best friend who you believe has mastered the art of comebacks. 

However, on the Internet, there are people who have the perfect response on the tip of their tongue and the savage burns are only a tweet away. Thanks to this Twitter account called Gems Of Replies which has yet again excavated some hidden gems waiting for us to come back with a Part 2. 

1. Ratan Tata is THE gem, after all. 

2. *Pin drop silence*

3. How to destroy someone in tweets 101. 

4. Okay, don’t tell me that you thought otherwise. 

5. Some wounds never heal. 

6. *865th like*

7. Shagun online transfer kar dena.

8. Mazboot jod paani mein bhi na toote

9. Preferences. 

10. Wait, what. 

12. Azmatullah is serving savage burns and how!

12. Out of concern, I just wanna ask this dude to walk carefully on the footpath from now on. 

13. But when will you learn?

14. Ask. SRK. Better. Questions.  

15. The kind of comeback I was proud of back in 2nd grade. 

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Got to learn a lot from these folks.