Twitter is a very, very strange place and there’s possibly nothing you can’t find here. But it’s also arguably one of the most hilarious places among the social media platforms. Come on! I mean we don’t come here for some informative stuff. 

And I won’t lie, it’s no joke to make a joke in those 280 characters and deliver it in front of millions of people. 

We still recall arguments we had five years ago and think of the comebacks we could have given. Don’t we?

So we have got to appreciate the ones who have mastered the art of delivering those sick burns that definitely leave a mark.    

Therefore, when we came across this page called Gems Of Replies which compiles the best of comebacks on Twitter, we had to tell you about it. Go, have a good time. Read them on.  

1. Mic drop!

2. Messed with the wrong guy.

3. If you know, you know. 

4. That’s some dark humour. 

5. Gotta love yourself first.

6. Didn’t see that coming. 

7. That’s a dad joke, right there. 

8. Trash talk much?

9. Pune Police: 1

    Twitter user: 0

10. Fanboy spotted.

11. Love it when brands go head-to-head.

12. Chor ki dadhi mein tinka.

Killingly funny tweets is what brings us to Twitter, for sure. BRB!