Move over Mumbai vs Delhi food, this time it’s Kolkata vs the food in every universe. Who could resist Kolkata’s tantalising, lip-smacking mutton biryani, though?

Bringing closure to which Indian city offers the best food debate, film director and author Ram Kamal has tweeted about the scrumptious mutton biryani from the famous Dada Boudi Restaurant in Barrackpore. 

Brace yourself as now you’re gonna view the most titillating visual of the day. 

The image tweeted has already drooling the Internet users and they’re nodding in agreement. 

Oh well, who said that divine things can be devoured so easily? Take a quick glance at the waiting line posted by a Twitter user. But, if the sabr the phal is that, then I don’t mind.

Twitter/Sanjoy Chatterjee

If this ain’t the gateway to heaven…IDK what is.