Let’s settle the age-old debate once and for all. Delhi v/s Kolkata, which city has the best street food and why is it Kolkata? Because let’s face it, CCU cuisine is supreme.

Here are 11 reasons why Kolkata street food is the real MVP:

1. Kolkata has more diversity

Delhi is infamous for shitting on diversity and this phenomenon is evident in their street food. Kolkata street food is a seamless amalgamation of native and immigrant. Bengali, Chinese, Tibetian, all three cuisines coexist in harmony. 

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 2. Phuchkas > Gol gappa

Phuchkas are made with a mixture of boiled gram, while gol gappas are made with sooji. Therefore scientifically the integrity of the phuchka is superior, thus declaring them the better option. What? It’s not me, it’s science bro. Also why TF is the Delhi gol gappa sweet? 

3. We birthed Indian Chinese

Indo-Chinese cuisine traces back to Hakka Chinese traders who immigrated to Kolkata during the late 1700s when it was the capital of the British empire in India. While Kolkata created a fiery fusion of flavours that left a mark on history, Delhi doused it in orange gravy. Not cool.

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4. Not everything is orange

Speaking of orange gravy, why on earth is all Delhi street food orange? At least get some diversity in colours if not your taste buds.


5. Less masala, more magic

Unlike Delhi, Kolkata street food doesn’t need asshole burning masala that will make you shit balls of fire. Kolkata seasoning is a gentle burst of spice leaving behind a zesty, tangy sensation. 

Street Food Recipies

6. Lots of seafood 

Take a walk around the bustling streets of Tiretti Bazaar that’ll stuff the freshest sea (or in our case, river) food down the throats of any authentic Chinese lover. One trip here and you’ll forget all about Delhi Chinese. From fresh steaming seafood dumplings and fish sui mais to fishball soups, coconut balls, rice and sesame seed sweet balls, sticky rice and even pies, the place serves homecooked fish in a way nowhere else can. 


7. Lots of pork

Chilli pork, breaded pork chops, steamed pork momos, pork thupka: street food is empty without them. And in Delhi, they’re a rare sight…

Kitchen Kravings

8. Luchi ghugni > Chole bhature

Luchi ghugni is 100 times lighter than chole bhature which requires ten digenes to ingest. 


9. It’s dirt cheap

Sorry Delhi, you might think that your street food is cheap, but anything above 100 bucks is considered an absurd amount in Kolkata. 


10. Not everything is a tikka

Enough with the tikkas bro FFS. Kuch naya likh ke layo, like kathi rolls or fish fry. Yum. 

11. Shingara > Samosa

A pairing almost as perfect as Vikas and Prahlad is the shingara with the meethi chutney. In Delhi, they don’t serve samosa with meethi chutney!! This is not where you do cost cutting, Delhi!