Raise your hand if you love pizza. Yep! Me too. If you are someone who has been advised to stop having pizza due to its high calories and watch out your weight like Rachel’s sister Amy did to Joey in Friends, then this is definitely for you. This might make you recall the episode. We all could relate to Joey, isn’t it?

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Well, this might provide a relief to you. A man went on a pizza diet for a month and contrary to the belief, he claimed to have shed kilos. Yep! How’s that possible? You wonder. A video of his surprising body transformation has caught our attention.

Personal trainer Ryan Mercer, who hails from Northern Ireland, reportedly ate 300 pizzas (10 slices each day during breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for the month and lost around 3.5 kg after completing the challenge. Mercer (ryanjm88) had recently posted the clip of his transformation journey on Instagram. “30 Days Eating Pizza. Over 300 Slices Of Pizza Consumed. 7.5lbs Down On The Scales. Visually A Shit Tonne Leaner,” his caption reads.

Watch the clip here:

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Mercer shared his experience of eating pizzas for 30 days. “I had two pitta pizzas and one larger dough-based pizza per day, this equated to roughly 10 slices per day,” the trainer said. According to a LADBible report, he also included healthy protein and seven to 10 portions of fruits and vegetables in his diet.

Mercer reportedly prepared his diet meal including pizzas at home for entire month. “The estimated daily cost was around £6-a-day for two pitta pizzas, and one dough-based pizza and three side salads. Additionally, I spent around £2 or £3 per day on snacks,” he added.

Talking about the calories, Mercer said, “Daily calorie intake was set at 1800-2100 Monday to Friday, 2,700kcal Saturday and Sunday, daily protein target 140g per day, daily fruit and vegetable portion goal, seven portions minimum per day.”

What do you think of this pizza diet? Mummy aaj se gym jaana band!