It’s monsoon. That time of the year again when the breeze is cool, the weather is romantic and our hearts crave for delicious food.


Sweet or spicy, rainy season means lazying around on that couch near the window and enjoying our favourite foods. Because food adds magic to the already magical monsoon.

And here’s a list of food one cannot miss as it rains outside.

1. Every rainy day is a ‘chai and pakode‘ kinda day.

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The simple comforts of home ❤️#chaiandpakore

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2. The monsoon exclusive ghevars are a treat to our souls.

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My maasi @kanak.daga.9 makes amazing desserts 😍. Yesterday she made this delicious, Rajasthani dessert for @harsh_daga08 because it was his birthday. Most popularly ghewar is made during the month of August or the auspicious month of Shravana or Sawan when the festival of Teej and Raksha Bandhan falls. Not only for Rakshabhandan, but Malai Ghevar can be made for birthdays as well for a change. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ghevar #foodie #sweets #indiansweets #mithai #homemade #yummy #foodblogger #sweettooth #food #delicious #foodporn #foodlover #noadulteration #traditionalsweets #nopreservatives #sweedesi #foodphotography #boondiladdu #indianfood #milkcake #kalakand #bhfyp #kajukatli #dessert #punekar #petha #desifood #ghewar #bhfyp

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3. With or without rabdi, malpuas are a must when it’s raining outside.

4. Rainy season cravings mean crispy samosas paired with green chutney.

5. Nothing comes even close to roasted bhutta when you are looking for a perfect companion in rains.

6. Just some garma garam jalebi is enough to make you ready to enjoy rain all day long.

7. Vada Pav hits different in rainy season.

8. A plate of hot steaming momos is all I want to eat this rainy season.

9. Nothing soothes on a rainy day, the way a hot and sour soup does.

10. Dal Pakwan is a sumptuous meal best suited to the monsoon.

11. Dal Bati tastes more delicious in rainy season.

12. Pyaaz ki kachori for those spicy and crunchy cravings during monsoon.

13. No one can say no to pyaaz pakodas on a rainy day.

14. Morning tea with crisp bread pakodas is a perfect start to any monsoon day.

15. Street style dabeli is one of the perfect monsoon munchies.

BRB, it has started raining and I need my dose of bhajiyas.

Do let us know what’s your favourite monsoon food.