Trust me, nothing is universal when it comes to food. 

Food preferences is a sensitive topic. It is controversial too, at times. We dug deeper into the internet and found out what are the most controversial food opinions people have and the results are truly controversial. 

1. Forget veg or non-veg Biryani, potatoes are the real deal here.

I like potatoes in my Chicken/Mutton biryani. I think it absorbs the flavors really, really well.

                    - 3mrunner

Source: livemint

2. Veg food in Kerala? Please don't judge this one.

Kerala's non-veg cuisine is good but Kerala's vegetarian meals is the real deal.

                    - clickOKplease

Source: QZ

3. The Rasagolla war seems to be a never-ending one.

Odia Rasagollas are better than Bengali ones, period.

                    - arrigatogozaimasu

Source: TOI

4. Do we even have to choose between idli and dosa?

Idlis are better than Dosas.  

                    - ProbabilisticPotato

Source: Krishi Jagran

5. Yeah and it is not pulao.

Veg Biryani is a thing.

                    - Substantial_Pie_5696

Source: indianveggiedelight

6. Any Mysore Pak fans here?

Mysore Pak is just a slab of sugar. 

                    - pxm7

Source: firstcry parenting

7. People eating pizza with ketchup won't annoy you after reading this.

Sprinkle a packet of sugar on your next slice of cheese pizza. You'll thank me later.

                    - _PM_ME_YOUR_NIPPLES

Source: eatthis

8. Team ketchup, unite.

Ketchup shouldn't exist.
Source: topsecretrecipes

9. What about the Chyawanprash cookies?

Oatmeal raisin cookies are better than chocolate chip cookies.

                    - gracefullyslick

Source: Betty Crocker

10. I'm kind of tired of this debate now.

Pineapple on pizza is great.

                    - Alienosaur

Source: tasting table

11. How do you like your cheese?

The more it smells bad, the better it is. Cheese.

                    - yung_boza

Source: alpha foodie

12. It's always been cucumbers vs tomatoes.

Cucumbers should replace tomatoes in all things.

                    - Presetto

Source: Food Network

13. To warm the milk or not?

Warm milk with cereal isn't that fucking weird.

                    - egend5992

Source: Trip Advisor

14. Just realised that mango season is here.

Mangoes are not tasty. They look very dirty and you can't even hold it bcoz of the juices flowing out of it. And mango juice tastes yuck. 

                    - __anon_not_vile

Source: Healthifyme

15. How about combining the two? Just saying.

Vadapav >>> Dabeli.
Source: Swiggy

16. Damn I have been doing this all my life.

Beer and pizza is a terrible combination.
Source: chowhound

17. Finally someone said it.

Kheer tastes much better when it has zero dry fruits.
Source: cook with manali

18. Now don't say North Indian food>>>South Indian food.

Curd rice is highly over rated!!
Source: cookwithmanali

19. What do you think?

I will NEVER understand how anyone eats sushi.
Source: goodforyouglutenfree

20. Wai Wai is damn delicious.

Top Ramen and Wai Wai are better than maggi.
Source: IndiaMART

21. No offence to people of Agra.

Petha shouldn't be in the list of sweets.
Source: YouTube

22. Now this is controversial.

How on earth Masala and Dosai go well together?
Source: Times Food

23. And I thought Lauki can never taste good.

Lauki can only taste good as halwa.
Source: YouTube

24. Do we even have that choice?

If you peel kiwis you’re a coward.
Source: thespruceeats

25. What is even green tea?

Tea is trash if it ain't green.
Source: Harvard Health

26. Yay or nay?

Coconut in food... No.
Source: lifemadesimple

27. Which is your favourite?

Gulab jamun >>>>> Rasgulla.
Source: trip advisor

28. I was always divided between adding milk to cereal or cereal to milk.

Dumping milk in cereal ruins it and you should feel bad for eating soggy mush as a child.
Source: KERA News

29. Phir breakfast mein kya khayenge?

Poha needs to fucking disappear from this world.
Source: whiskaffair

30. Let's stop here. I can't take this any more.

Source: Twitter

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