Food makes you feel at the top of the world. Nothing in the world can be wrong as long as there is good food. But sometimes, food, the best thing in the world can cause severe discomfort to you. And that’s no fault of food. There are some combinations that one should not try. Here are some of them :

1. Mint + Aerated Drinks

You have probably seen the experiments conducted with mentos and a bottle of coke. Imagine that explosion happening inside your stomach. You will feel bloated like a balloon.

Harmful Food Combinations
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2.  Morel Mushrooms + Alcohol

Morel mushrooms contain several toxins, one of which is coprine . If one eats these mushrooms even within a couple of days of consuming alcohol, the toxins can prevent the digestion of alcohol. This leads to severe discomfort including vomiting and palpitations.

Harmful Food Combinations
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3. Watermelon + Milk

This combination may cause some discomfort and lead to the production of more gas than usual. Hence it is best to avoid drinking milk after eating some watermelon.

Harmful Food Combinations
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4. Papaya + Water

Having water after eating papaya can cause problems for your digestive system. In fact it is not advisable to consume water after eating cucumber or watermelon either.

Harmful Food Combinations
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5. Eggs + Milk

This combination might not affect you immediately, but it is causing harm to your body over time. The difference in the structure of the proteins make it difficult for them to be digested together.

Harmful Food Combinations
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6. Vinegar + Tea

This combination can cause severe constipation. It can also lead to the metabolism of toxic substances and hence is not conducive to your health.

Harmful Food Combinations
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Keep away from these at all costs.


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