Junk food lovers, please take note. If you love relishing burger, pizza, and other fatty foods, you might be surprised to know this. We were too. No, this is not about how junk makes you fat. We are here to tell you that such food can also shrink your brain. Yes, we aren’t kidding. A new study claims this.

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According to JOE website, the study published in Metabolic Brain Disease journal states that junk food may be linked to a loss of cognitive abilities in the brain.

Scientists in Australia conducted the research on groups of eight-week-old mice. The mice were allocated either a standard diet or a high-fat diet during the study. The researchers found out that high-fat diet mice gained weight, developed insulin resistance, and behaved abnormal as compared to the standard-diet mice.


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The study also suggested that the mice having decreased cognitive ability had poor metabolism due to changes in the brain. Such mice were also likely to gain excessive weight, the research added.

Here’s what Larisa Bobrovskaya, an associate professor from the University of South Australia said:

Obesity and diabetes impair the central nervous system, exacerbating psychiatric disorders, and cognitive decline.

-Larisa Bobrovskaya

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The professor added that individuals who are obese have 55 percent more risk of depression than those who aren’t.

Obese individuals have about a 55 per cent increased risk of developing depression, and diabetes will double that risk.

-Larisa Bobrovskaya


So, next time when you step out to eat burger or any junk food, do remember this.