In a world full of basic plain fries, be peri peri fries. They are crunchy, spicy and sprinkled with mouth-watering herbs and masalas that feel heavenly when melting in your mouth.

Sanjeev Kapoor

Let’s be honest, we all love these peri peri fries because nothing can ever be compared to having a cone full of peri peri fries, after a long day. It makes all our worries and problems go away with its brilliant taste. 

*mouth watering*

Hungry Forever

The iconic fries, which has a crisp surface and reveal a pillow-soft interior with a light snap, are the best to eat at any given time. It’s a perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or even mid-night snack to gobble up.

Fat Rainbow

The versatility of these peri fries is what sets them apart. It’s not just delicious to eat by itself, but also elevates the other dishes it accompanies. You can binge eat with hamburgers, coke, chips or just a whole lot of different sauces.


And well, it acts as a great chakhna option too. Whether it’s a chilled beer, wine or whiskey, a plate of peri peri fries will always be picked up and finished first. Yes, even its masala residue on the plate!

Tarla Dalal

The first time I (and probably you did too) ever tasted these scrumptious peri peri fries was at McDonald’s

Yes, remember their shake-shake fries which used to come with a shake-shake paper bag and a sachet of peri peri masala? Oh gosh, those were the best days.

McDonald’s Blog

The best part about these fries is that you don’t need any fancy ingredients for making them in the kitchen. You just need potatoes, hot oil and some peri peri masala. And, that’s literally it.

7th Heaven

Apart from that, it made us feel what no other thing (or person) could do- it made us fall in love with its exotic flavours. It has the perfect blend of sour, sweet and salty spices that’s finger-licking-good.


The peri peri fries are the best sidekick in the history of sidekicks because let’s face it, it in every form is. Be it weekday blues or weekend hogging, a plate of masaledaar and crisp peri peri fries are always your go-to snack.


In a world of classic salted and cheese fries, we (always) want peri peri fries because no other sort of french fries tastes better. Salted fries are too salty, cheese fries are too cheesy and don’t even get me started on the loaded fries!


Well, now I’m craving for a plate of peri peri fries. *sad face*

There’s no doubt that peri peri fries are the one true definition of happiness.