In association with Cadbury Perk

#PerkDisclaimer: There might be a mush detector hidden in this article. 

Have you ever cracked a joke and regretted your life over it?! Ever produced unnecessary explanations for things that are as frail as new year resolutions?! 

If your answer was yes, we have got your back!
If not… well, why don’t you just sit back and have a snack, eh? 

To be more specific, why don’t you snack on some Cadbury Perk and take it light?

In a world as soft as candy floss, it gets difficult to retain your quirk and not offend or hurt someone over little things. Be it a film set to release or an act of topping pizzas with fruits, we tend to be touchy towards everything, leading to massive disagreements and eventual cancellation. 

Cadbury Perk has come up with a super cool solution to eliminate this touchy attitude and encourage people to take it light. They are flooding the internet with mock disclaimers that will be plugged into popular YouTube videos to give them a silly, light-hearted and quirky angle. 

For example, here’s what you might see when you come across a viral song the next time: 

Or maybe, you’ll come across this gem while you’re randomly looking up carrot soup recipes at 2 a.m:

How about having a funny eye-opener for obsessive games: 

Looking up fitness videos? You might come across this sooner than that resolution fades away! 

These warnings are super quirky and will encourage people to snack on a light and delightful Cadbury Perk instead of being touchy.  

Someone’s being touchy? You know what to do! 

Just have Cadbury Perk and look out for Perk Disclaimers!