Popcorn is the world’s best snack! 

Ahh! Wait, before you try to counter me on this, just let me walk you through the points that might lead you to believe the same. And if not, you can just go back to having your Hot Cheetos or Kale chips, whatever.  

Let’s begin.

First and foremost, popcorn is the most reasonably priced snack ever. You can get your hands on a pack of it merely at Rs. 10, that would be a small one but still. Tasteful and affordable

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Now, one would argue that chips are of the same price. Sure, but can it beat popcorn when it comes to being healthy? 

Popcorn is good for heart (not the buttery ones), more protein-packed than your regular potato chips, low on calories, I can just go on. Facts > Opinion 

Heading to the next point, let’s talk of the place where popcorn rules— the movie theaters. Nachos and all got their shelf space way later. But popcorn is the OG.

Who doesn’t love movies and what do we love to snack on while watching films? Popcorn! They are a match made in heaven. And without this heavenly smelling, golden, sizzling snack, the whole experience seems a little incomplete. 

And while we are at it, whoever decided to use that knowledge and play on our emotions by putting a hefty price tag on popcorn. Hey! Do you sleep okay after doing this? 

Yet, each time I walk inside a theatre and look at this perfect savoury treat I feel drawn to the counter. All those pragmatic thoughts just go out of the window. And I grab the biggest bucket of popcorn knowing that I’ll be broke after that, but it’s all worth it.  

And while I wait for that empty wallet to fill up again, I can just cosy up in my blanket and binge-watch seasons of my favourite series, of course, with popcorn.  

Even without making any claims, it does get ready-to-eat within two minutes. Also, it smells amazing.  

Besides all that, nothing beats the fun of eating popcorn and feeding it to the traditional Lohri fire.


Now, tell me doesn’t popcorn perfectly fit with the tagline: snack ek, fayde anek