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Hi you! Enjoying the season of love? Speaking of love, I love how we, as a generation, are becoming conscious human beings. We are aware of our emotions and working on how to process them in harmony with others. As individuals who believe in true efforts and aware choices in terms of respect and boundaries, we have successfully made healthy love, the new cool.

To be honest, I believe love has been redefined for good in this era. And with respect, consideration, and awareness alongside honest efforts and understanding, we are learning all the major pillars of healthy love like pros! But how do you know you’re on the right path? Well, I’ve got you! Here are 6 glittering signs that you are practising healthy love.

1. You know boundaries are important in healthy love.

You are on the right path if you are learning to acknowledge and consider the concept of personal boundaries. Besides maintaining your own lines, you know how to accommodate other people’s boundaries within your emotional range. As a result, you understand that all your advances in love will not always be met with positive responses. And you know better to give yourself time and not retaliate in case of rejections or denials.

2. You are aware that obsession is not love.

There are plenty of blurry lines when it comes to love. These lines are what make a relationship either healthy or borderline toxic. And as a healthy lover, you are aware of these thin lines and are constantly checking yourself to maintain them. For example, you are aware that it is okay to wonder about your partner/ crush many times a day. But if they are all you can think about at all times, maybe you need to sit back and process your thoughts so that you can refrain from obsessive behaviour.

3. You know healthy love is respect.

Having respect for an individual as a human being who matters is necessary for healthy love. You understand that you cannot make someone feel loved if you do not respect them as a person. This includes their opinions, tiny quirks, emotions, and every other attribute that makes them human. Thus, you know dealing with disagreements and banters come with the package of love as well. And you can address it all with respect and calm consideration.

4. You can accept rejection.

Like everything else, love too, has its ups and downs. And so, it is okay to end up at a dead end when it comes to certain conversations, romantic advances, decisions, or even people. As an emotionally evolved individual, you get that rejections and negative responses are a part of life. You know how to step back, take time, and heal while respecting the other person’s decisions and words.

5. You value holding back in love.

No matter what the mushy films try to tell you, we all need space for ourselves. The concept of personal space is often confused with distance. But as an aware partner, you know how necessary it is to not invade someone’s personal bubble. While you can have polite conversations if you feel distanced, knowing when to stop is a major factor.

6. You have learnt the art of moving on.

Lastly, you know when to pull yourself out of a situation and let go. The art of letting go is really tricky. But being persistent with a person/ situation that is not in your favour will only increase the odds of things becoming toxic. And thus, getting yourself out and processing your own emotions in your own way is the ultimate act of love for yourself and anyone involved. Let’s be real, sometimes we get a little too vulnerable to logically weigh our actions in love. But snapping back after a close call is what sets us apart as understanding partners.

All that being said, what about other romantic gestures? Love is incomplete without rainbows and ponies right? And with Valentine’s Day approaching, each lover must be stressing on making it unique for their bae. Well, good news! Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is back with a grand gift for anyone in love!

This year, the brand has come up with a microsite that will give us ‘Unforgettable Love Tips’ for VDay. These tips have been curated and voiced by our favourite influencers like Prajakta Koli, Armaan Malik, and globetrotters Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal from Bruised Passports! But wait, there’s a great twist to it all: The VDay gift suggestions will also come with healthy love tips that uplifts the concepts of consent, boundaries, and respect.

While the ideas will help us make it special for a loved one, the healthy love tips will sensitise us to create a safe and healthy atmosphere. Because, a healthy and safe space is the best thing you can give to a loved one. And so, all you need to do is get your hands on a Cadbury Silk and scan the QR on the pack.

So, what’re you waiting for?