Other than being a lot about nostalgia, instant noodles are also about a sense of comfort – and nothing defines “fast food” better than them. They are also probably the one thing most common among countries and cultures, everybody has a version. And for good or bad, each person has a unique way of cooking their noodles.

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Beryl Shereshewsky, who’s a YouTuber and content creator, shared about the history of Wai Wai in a video. She talks about their origin in Nepal, and how Binod Chaudhary purchased the label of a Thai noodle brand “Wai Wai”, which means fast-fast. He then also changed the flavour profile of the noodles, to match the palette of people in Nepal.

Beryl Shereshewsky
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Wai Wai
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This also made Binod Chaudhary the first billionaire in Nepal, which is yet another proof of the world’s love for noodles. According to this video, Nepal is the second largest per capita consumer of instant noodles – which makes sense, I mean, they’ve got Wai Wai. Beryl also shares recipes from around the world, and she had shot a video showing the different ways in which people cook their Wai Wai.

The internet is clearly all for this history lesson, and it’s more than just the utter love for noodles.

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It’s normal if you’ve a craving for noodles now.