Indians take their food seriously. Furthermore, cultural appropriation of cuisine is something you definitely do not want to do because it would be really problematic. However, a US-based Indian restaurant withstood and went on to reach new heights when it comes to putting a “western” touch on South Indian cuisine.

The restaurant serves South Indian specialties like idli and dosa, but not under those titles, according to screenshots posted by a user.

On the menu, you may find all-day breakfast products including “dunked doughnut delight,” “dunked rice cake delight,” “naked crepe,” and “smashed potato crepe.”

After the menu of an Indian restaurant, Indian Crepe Co, was shared online, the microblogging site is flooded with opinions. The “smashed potato crepe” costs $18.69 (Rs 1,491), the “naked crepe” $17.59 (Rs 1,404), the “dunked doughnut delight” $16.49 (Rs 1,316), and the “dunked rice cake delight” $15.39. (Rs 1,228). Basically, idli, vada, and dosa for white people.

Twitter wasn’t impressed, despite how creative the names were. And the subsequent tweets made that fairly obvious.

Please just let them be, would you?