In association with Cadbury Silk

Cadbury Silk, as we all know, has always been a symbol of love. From exchanging chocolates on V day to slipping them under your crush’s desk, we’ve enjoyed Silk through and through. Safe to say, it embodies young love with absolute innocence and naivety. Our Silk also changes faces according to what we want to say. And now, it has a new face altogether.

Yes, Cadbury Silk is here with new packaging. And it’s so chic!

The packaging has a big bold ‘S’ on it which is emblematic of infinite love. This ‘S’ will also be seen on each cube of the bar. Along with that, it’s also cleaner and has a more premium feel to it. The brand wanted to make the gifting experience richer and finer. All of this, at the same price as before. Ah, we love it.

The brand also came up with this beautiful campaign film and it’s making us blush. It shows the joy of falling in love and how pure it is. When you fall in love, you put silly efforts into making everything special, the world seems magical. And you’re in a small bubble where the societal rules don’t apply. You go the extra mile to just see a glimpse of that person. Or learn about things they’re interested in. *sobs thinking about the crush that doesn’t reply but okay* The film perfectly shows how the GenZ expresses love in different languages, and how love changes us in beautiful ways. And to match their quirky lingo and abbreviations, Silk is now just ‘S’, a new love language. It’s a derivation from the symbol of infinity and stands for love, closeness, going far together and infinite possibilities.

The purple and gold package will always be iconic and so will the yum taste of Silk. Explore a whole new language of love with the new Silk. And check out this adorable video to see what we’re talking about.