In case you’re still wondering what your desi parents really want this Diwali, in life, or at any given point of time — they want you to go to medical school. However, chances are, that you don’t go and end up in one of the two broad categories  — Awaara, if you step outside the house and Nikamma, if you stay inside. 

Listen! No matter what you do, Sharma Ji ka beta/beti will always beat you to it. So how about, you don’t do anything? And while you’re at it, you can also increase your bank savings. This is not a drill! This is Cadbury 5 Star’s latest campaign, ‘Eat 5 Star. Do Nothing’. 

The brand has launched its first-ever digital currency, called ‘NothingCoin’, which can be mined by doing, well nothing at all! You just need to walk into the ‘NothingCoin Bank’ which looks like any other normal bank, sit down on one of the chairs and again, do nothing! The longer that you keep sitting there in comfort without any action, the higher the savings.

We swear it gets better. There are legit loan counters in the bank too. But here’s the twist. Instead of money, here you can choose from a bunch of comfy cushions, and borrow as many as you’d like, for spending a cosy and relaxed time in the air-conditioned space. There is currently only one bank that has been built for this campaign, and it’s in Nariman Point, Mumbai. Here’s proof that we’re not joking!

So how does one get started? After walking into the bank, you can simply log into your digital wallet, a mobile microsite that will detect your inactivity and mine ‘NothingCoins’ for as long as you sit still and don’t use your phone. For every minute that you do nothing, fresh ‘NothingCoins’ get added to your wallet.

Now obviously, not everyone can go to Mumbai, but they can still earn the bucks sitting at home. All you need to do is scan the 5 Star pack, and log into your microsite. And once you have enough, you can use this legitimate currency to make purchases at JioMart. which is currently accepting ‘NothingCoin’.

Finally, there’s a legit way you can save face in front of your desi parents (or not!). But remember, that you’ll be earning money at the end of it all! So go buy a pack of 5 Star now!