Cracking open a beer bottle after a long day at work is a feeling unmatched. But as you chug your beer, have you wondered why beer bottles are typically brown or green?

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Keep reading to know why, we aren’t just ‘brewing’ stories. 

Great Fermentations

Initially, beer was offered in clear bottles. However, the brewers soon realized that beer stored in transparent bottles would smell skunky after being exposed to the sun for long. This is because UV rays from the sun quickly react with the acid in the beer. Turning bottles brown, a darker colour that would block out the rays, was the solution.

Dreams time

During World War II, the availability of brown bottles reduced dramatically, prompting brewers to choose a different colour that would help them retain sales and quality. This is when the green bottles came in handy.

Brewers may now add UV-protected coatings on glass or bottle to retain the flavour.

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So, beer lovers (and even teetotalers), you may brag about this knowledge to your pals next time!