Consuming wine, in moderation, is actually good for the health. Well, a recent study suggests the same so, who am I to stop you from having a glass of wine. On that note, here are 7 health benefits that you can get by sipping on a small glass of wine. 

1. It contains anti-oxidants.

According to research, anti-oxidants present in wine, attack free radicals that cause terrible health problems like cancer.  White wine is preferred over red wine, if you want more of the anti-oxidants.

2. It improves the functioning of the immune system. 

Drinking a glass of wine gives your immune system a boost. It helps in warding off infections and keeping your immune system in check. But, this doesn’t mean heavy consumption is good for the health in any way.

3. It improves cognitive function.

A single glass of wine is not going to do any harm to your brain. In fact, it acts like food for the brain. The chemicals present in red wine prevents your brain’s neurons from dying. It protects the brain from dementia and slower the process neuro-degenrative diseases.

4. It increases bone density.

Our bones become brittle as we grow old so, it is advisable to increase your calcium intake by having a glass of milk or a glass of relaxing wine. Choose red wine, as it has high levels of silicon, that is great for your mineral bone density. This also reduces the chances of osteoporosis.

5. It reduces the risk of stroke. 

You’ll be glad to know that moderate consumption of wine prevents blood from clotting. It acts like a blood thinner by breaking up any blood clots that could lead to a stroke. In a recent study, it was found that red wine, in particular contains phenols that act as a blood thinner, working like an aspirin. This again, doesn’t mean that heavy consumption is good. If not taken seriously, you could be at a higher risk of suffering a heart attack.

6. It keeps heart diseases at bay. 

Tannins found in red wine, neutralize free radicals that have proven to be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. Moderate consumption of red wine will improve the flow of blood in your body, which in turn, will increase the health of your heart.

7. It lowers bad cholesterol levels. 

A glass of red wine contains procyanidins, that promote a healthy heart and aide in lowering bad cholesterol levels. But, remember moderation is the key.

Do yourself a favour and buy a bottle of wine. 

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