Thanks to the Internet Explosion, we now have way too many online games that don’t require hefty equipment and are accessible for free on our smartphones and laptops. Some of these include our childhood favourite indoor games, only without a board or dice, or the need to be in the same geographical region to play it.

In fact, some of these games got so viral that many of us got scarily addicted. Here’s a throwback to those online games that once were — or still are — a vital ingredient in our recipe called life.

1. Wordle

Wordle. Most popular online games
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Let me begin with the most recent one. Wordle got so viral that it became the most googled word this year. The 24-hour wait for the new word became unbearable as we exhausted all our grey cells to sustain the sacred streak in mere 6 chances.

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2. Skribbl

Skribbl popular online games viral
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The Leonardo Da Vinci in us awakened as we scribbled random shiz with strangers, only to realize that most of us got an F in the drawing class. I saw someone draw a horrible car instead of four rings for a word called Audi. People are weird.

3. Among Us

Among us addictive online games
Tanmay Bhat’s YouTube

Detecting those evil lurking imposters among our group of friends was supremely adventurous and fun. A special mention to Tanmay Bhat and friends for lighting up our lives with Among Us streams.

4. Pokémon Go

online games viral
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One good thing Pokémon Go did was to get people out of their beds. It was hilarious to see random people holding their phones so seriously while strolling around on a mission to capture virtual creatures. It was fun, adventurous, and quite addicting.

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PUBG addicting online games

Well, PUBG was so wildly addicting that even the operators had to give health reminders to people for overplaying. The game was funOP in the true sense; it had us all craving for ‘chicken dinner.’

6. Ludo

viral online game ludo pandemic
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Are you telling me that you did not play Ludo with your family and friends during the peak of the pandemic? That’s not quite possible. I don’t buy it!

7. Candy Crush Saga

most popular games that got people addicted

If you haven’t reached Level 10348524 of Candy Crush, then you haven’t experienced life, my friend! The seemingly simple game had people from all generations worldwide pinned to mobile screens, sliding fingers to get colour bombs and make life easier.

8. Online Chess

chess viral games

Playing and winning at chess with random strangers online was the intellectual boost we all had been craving. And thanks to The Queen’s Gambit to solidify our addiction for the game.

9. GeoGuessr

viral online games
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The bestESTEST part about this game is one doesn’t need to be a geography scholar (cos I’m nowhere close) to crack this game; the basic presence of mind would also work.

10. Clash Of Clans

popular addictive online games

Another one from the wildly addicted group! The game had us all building clans and ravaging villages in our quest for the ultimate domination. I am sorry if you were a student when you got all crazy about this game.

Which online game got you super addicted?