Who's your favourite Harry Potter character?

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Whoever you just pictured, I can tell it's not Mr. Potter himself. Harry James Potter is almost nobody's favourite character in a series of books based on his life. 

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I understand that you are still processing this new information but think about it. Harry is the least interesting character in the series. 

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I mean, sure the entire story revolved around him and his actions decided what happened next. 

But if you think about it, the 17 years of his life we witnessed were mostly moments where the people around him made things work, as he just kind of stumbled through.

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His birth was important because Voldemort chose him to be the one. And after his parents' death, he spent 11 years at his aunt's place as planned by Dumbledore to protect him.

During his school days, Ron and Hermione kept him alive. Hermione actually kept both the idiots alive. The bludger, the Devil' snare, information about the Basilisk, saving both Sirius and Buckbeak, organising the D.A, creating S.P.E.W, flying on the dragon, that's all Hermione!

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And so did Snape for 7 fucking years. That poor creepy man!

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During the Triwizard tournament, Harry needed help to complete each and every task. I mean, damn it, Harry. 

How difficult was it that Mad-Eye (Barty Crouch Jr.) himself had to tell him to try 'Accio Firebolt'? 

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Hell, he even knew about the dragons. Also, he was a real dick to both Dobby and Neville, when they tried to help him breathe underwater. 

Neville btw, turned out to be a total badass! He led the rebellion in Hogwarts, got tortured and killed Nagini, effectively destroying the last Horcrux. 

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He wouldn't even have found his way in the maze had it not been for Mad-Eye telling him the way and them using an Imperius curse on Viktor Krum. 

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In the Order of the Phoenix, it was his impulsive stupidity that got Sirius killed. 

Sirius Black loved his friends even when he was accused of their murder and had to spend 13 years in Azkaban. 

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He escaped fucking dementors to avenge his parents and get back his godson. He hid from the entire world but guess what, Potter's ridiculous bravado got him killed. 

A couple of years later, with full knowledge of how dangerous Horcruxes were, Harry swan dived into a frozen lake without any backup. Thankfully Ron saved him.

Man, Ron had more character development in the 7th book than Harry had in all 7. 

Look, I am not taking anything away from the brave man that Harry was. He was brave, selfless, and extremely talented with a wand. 

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But every other character in the series, even Crabbe & Goyle had some character development. And all major characters went through drastic changes but Harry was a generic good guy with a heart of gold and not much else.